Who we are

GeoDataSolutions is a Swiss company that develops, integrates and operates geographic information systems, spatial observation chains, image and video data processing, advanced computing and artificial intelligence.

We solve and modernize business processes and support digital transformation and innovation within organizations by placing cartography and geomatics at the core of their activities.

Our added value: we master the entire pixel value chain, whether it’s captured by a satellite, an airplane, a drone or even your smartphone, right up to its use in geographic information systems, cartography and geointelligence, while adapting to your business!

Depending on the context and requirements, we provide analysis and detection systems based on aerial or satellite imagery and video, with live or post-processed artificial intelligence augmentation.

All our geoinformatics solutions are available on desktop, web and/or mobile platforms. We offer tailor-made or off-the-shelf IT solutions, which can be hosted in our partner datacenters in Switzerland.

From geodata to your business processes, from servers to your tablets, from satellite and aerial imagery to the pixel on your screen, from spatio-temporal records to real-time; we combine our technical, functional and business knowledge to meet your most complex challenges. With over 20 years’ experience in our fields of activity, our qualified team and our passion for innovation, we are proud to be the trusted partner for many companies and organizations in Switzerland and Europe.

Our identity = Our expertise


Everything that can be materialized and exploited on a map with geographic and computer tools: geomatics, geoinformatics.


Your data, the data that you import, produce, process, store, transfer, etc. It is modelled, defined, organised, qualified, enriched, secured, etc., according to your needs and your processes.


The most suitable solutions are implemented: human organisation, processes, market software, customisation and tailor-made tools, IT architecture, security, infrastructure.


IT expertise: infrastructure, architecture, development, installations, support, etc.


Organisation of the Information System: procedures, people, data, workflow, dataflow, strategy, digitalisation, dematerialisation, change, communication, security, mobility, etc.


Geographic Information System: collect, store, process, analyse, manage and present all types of spatial and geographic data.  Deploying, administering, maintaining and developing the products, services and tools necessary for the collection, integration and management of geographical data.

Focus on your data

  • Secure, properly used data is nowadays the best asset a company can have.
  • Geographic information is everywhere and exploiting it spatially and cartographically has many advantages for any organisation.
  • IT applications are ways of acquiring, exploiting and making the most of an organisation’s data assets.
  • Creating, collecting and geographically representing data are essential activities, but they are not enough. 
  • The data must be mastered, of high quality, organised, with pragmatic and efficient workflows.
  • An enterprise information system is effective if the workflow and data models are properly studied, and then developed around the right technical elements.

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